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‘This Is Not the End’: GOP Rep. Gives Speech to ‘Unbelievable’ Trump-Russia Collusion Story

MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough called the House GOP lawmakers who met with President Donald Trump and Russian officials to discuss sanctions an “unbelievably brazen and brazenly criminal” act.He also criticized Trump for his refusal to immediately denounce the Russian attempt to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.“I don’t know if you remember this conversation, […]

Which Gmail apps can you trust?

The search for the “Best Gmail” app can be quite subjective.Some people will say that their inbox is the most important thing on the internet, while others will tell you that it is the least important.However, when you consider the wide range of Gmail apps available, it is hard to pick the winner.We asked a […]

How to tell if your Facebook friends have been hacked

Facebook is now telling users that its users who have been compromised in the attack could be getting their personal information from Facebook’s servers.The social media giant is releasing the update Friday in response to reports of compromised accounts on social media platforms.Facebook’s update says Facebook servers have been infected with malicious software that is […]

GIMP 2.6.8 beta released

GIMPS 4.8 Beta Release Notes for September 25, 2018 by Business Insider If you’re an active user of GIMPs, then you’ve probably heard of Gimp.For those who are new to GIMps, the software is the most popular image editing program available for iOS.GIMp is one of the biggest free image editing tools for iOS, and […]

How to get an email login error with Gmail login

Google is testing a new way to authenticate users with their Google email account.The new login method was announced on Twitter by a company spokesperson.Google confirmed that it is testing this new authentication method on Gmail accounts and that it will be rolled out over the coming weeks.The Gmail login process will be based on […]

How to recover your Gmail account password

Google has announced a new password recovery tool for its Gmail account.Users of the popular Gmail app have been asking Google for a way to get their passwords back for years.The problem, though, is that it’s very difficult to recover passwords after you’ve deleted them.Google has created a new tool that allows users to recover […]

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