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Google offers most important Search Engine, Gmail, E-mail services, youtube, social networking sites, Google map and other so many services. It provides internet related services such as cloud computing, software and hardware. Google has also developed the android software for smart phones. It is the world’s largest search engine and becoming more popular day by day. And if you want to see Google first before anything else when you open your browser then here is how to make Google my homepage on Mac.

It is the card catalog. If we want how to make Google my homepage on Mac then we need to know the following steps:

Process to Make Google my Homepage on Mac

  • First we go to browser at the top right of the window.
  • Now we have to select menu option.
  • In menu section we select setting options.
  • after selecting setting options then we go to the appearance.
  • Now we change the box that is show on the box next to home button.
  • After changing home button, we type in the text box
  • Then we click OK.
  • After click OK we close this browser.
  • Then we open the browser again and the new home page is show on the screen. 

How to make Google my homepage

As on Mac the safari is different from any other browser so it will provide some different options to work with and it will depend on how would you prefer to browse. Mac computer provides the option to automatically log on to the websites when you first open your browser on the condition when you make Google my homepage on Mac.

It provides assistance to users of using new products such as mobile phones, computers, Software related products, Hardware related product, mechanical goods and other products. Google search engine provides so many facilities as in the form of forum and chat process where user can ask direct question like how to make Google my homepage on Mac by using Gmail or by many types of support form that is directly addressed by Google.

Make Google my homepage on Mac

It provides phone support service, any one can reach the Google support by dialing their number which is available here then you can find the solutions for How to make Google my homepage on Mac.

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