If you’re a Gmail user and you have a password recovery app, you can now delete the code that allows the app to recover passwords.

A Google spokesperson told us that Google has “always protected our users’ passwords” and that it is “currently investigating the issue” and “reviewing the issue”.

Google says it is aware of the issue and will be sending a fix to all users soon.

How to get rid of Gmail password recover code on Google Play?

If you’re running a Google Play account, you’ll need to install the app.

Once installed, the app will ask you to set a PIN.

If you don’t have a PIN, it will prompt you to enter one, and then ask you for your Google account password.

The app will then tell you to delete the Google Play Store app.

Once you’ve done that, the code will disappear from your Google Play apps list, which means that it will no longer be displayed to anyone.

The Google Play store app will be removed automatically from your device and will not reappear when you re-install it.

If this doesn’t help, try searching for the code in your Google Account settings.

If that doesn’t work, you may need to reset your Google accounts password manually.

You can also delete the Android version of the app using the app’s Settings menu.

If you are still having issues with the app, check your account settings.

If this isn’t an issue with your Google Accounts password, you will need to manually reset your password.

This can be done by opening your Google login page and clicking the Reset Password button.

If your account password is not reset correctly, it could mean that the app has been compromised.

If the app is still displaying the “Your Google Account is not set to use this app” message, you need to close the app and re-open it.

You will then be able to access the Google account page, but you will have to reset it again.

If that doesn.

you need the code to get the app working again, you could use the Google Authenticator app to get it to run again.

The app will appear in the Android Market and can be downloaded from the Play Store.