On Sunday, the Associated Press reported that Microsoft was investigating a problem with its Gmail account that could potentially allow hackers to remotely take control of a Gmail account and send out unwanted messages.

The report, citing anonymous sources familiar with the matter, said Microsoft is investigating a glitch in the way Microsoft’s Gmail service handles incoming and outgoing emails.

Microsoft is also reportedly investigating the issue because, according to the report, it’s “common for hackers to use a device like a phishing email address to hijack a Gmail user’s account and gain access to their emails.”

While Microsoft hasn’t publicly commented on the AP report, a spokesperson told TechCrunch that the company “has been in contact with several affected organizations and they have identified a common issue in their account handling that could lead to compromised email.”

Microsoft did not immediately respond to Ars’ request for comment.

Microsoft has been working on improving its Gmail service since last year.

Microsoft launched Gmail for Business in October of last year and introduced its Mailbox service to users earlier this year.

Gmail now includes a Mailbox support for Microsoft Exchange, a feature that allows users to send emails from their inbox to Mailbox accounts that they already have.

In response to a question about whether Microsoft’s Mailbox feature would be available to users who don’t have Exchange, the spokesperson said “this feature is not available for all users and is available only to users with a Microsoft account.”

“For the most part, Outlook is still the default email client,” the spokesperson continued.

“We are working to add Mailbox to Outlook in a future version of Outlook.”

Microsoft’s Mail app, which was designed to let users send email to others via the web, also launched with a Mail Box support for Exchange in 2016.

Microsoft also introduced an optional Mailbox extension in 2016 that made it easier for users to automatically forward and receive messages from their Gmail account.

Mailbox for Business, which launched in November, is also currently available for users without Exchange.