This is a very simple and easy way to send messages to your boss on Google+ (and any other social media platform).

Here’s how to get started. 


Go to Google+ 1.

Open a Google+ page in your browser.

This is the same page that your Google+ profile appears on.2.

Click the “Add” button.


Type your Google+, Google+ username, and Google+ phone number in the “Send” box.


When you’re done, click “Close” to close Google+ and you’re good to go. 5.

Create a Google Plus post and share it with your colleagues If you have a bunch of Google+ posts in your Google Plus account, you can also add them as a new post to the “New Posts” tab in your profile.


Make sure the “Show as Google+” button is selected in the upper right corner.


Choose “Attach to Google Plus” from the drop-down menu.


Enter your Google+.

phone number (not the number that Google uses for billing) and your Google.

account password (not your Google account password).


Enter a title for your post, and click “Create.”


After you’ve finished creating your post and clicked “Create,” your post will appear on your GooglePlus page and be available to everyone who has a Google.



How to create Google+ Posts on GooglePlus You can create your own Google+ post by creating a new Google+ Post.

1, Open your Google profile in your favorite browser.2, Click “Add.”3.

Enter the Google+ email address that you’d like to use for your Googleplus post. 


Click “Create” and select “Attach as Google Plus.” 


Choose a title (no more than one line) for your G+ post.

 6, Click the “+” button next to your post.7, Click on “Attach.” 


Click on the “+Add to Google” button to create your Google++ post.

You can now post to your G+, Google+, or any other Google+ social media page.

9, Click back to the top of your profile and click the “Edit” button at the bottom of the page.10.

At the bottom, click the “+ Delete” button and click on “Delete” to delete your Google plus post.