Now that Google has begun to block the popular photo sharing service G+ from accessing Gmail, Facebook is now moving in the same direction, banning G+ accounts in a move that could make the company look even more incompetent than it already does.

The move was first spotted by TechCrunch’s Ben Smith and will likely become a permanent feature once Google updates its security tools to block Google+ from using G+ login credentials.

If you are using Gmail on Google+, Google’s security tools will prevent you from logging into your Google+ account using your Google account.

This is the first time Google has announced this, and the move is likely to come as a surprise to many users.

This announcement is notable because Google’s new security features, including the ability to block access to third-party services, are supposed to be a first for the company.

However, this is not the first move by Google to restrict access to the social network.

The company has also blocked the Facebook Messenger app from running on Android devices, and recently announced that it will block Facebook from running apps on the Google+ app on the Android operating system.

While this news may sound trivial, this move to block G+ users from accessing Google+ accounts will likely make the social networking giant look even worse.

Google+ has a user base of around 6 million people, according to Google.

It’s important to note that this is only the largest G+ user base Google has ever reported.

The social networking site is now operating at over 80 percent penetration, and it’s likely that the majority of its users will not be able to access the service.

Facebook has reportedly reached out to Google and Google’s existing partners, such as Facebook, to make this decision.

In addition to blocking access to G+ and Facebook Messenger, Google is also blocking third-parties, including Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo’s Search.

Google has also recently removed support for apps from third-parts, including those from Samsung, Sony, and LG.

Facebook is likely also working on a solution to its Facebook login issues.

The problems started with Google removing support for G+ last year, and users were still unable to log in to their accounts even after Google’s latest change.

Google had already announced that users who used Google+ during the shutdown will be able access their accounts through Facebook, but the company has since reversed this decision and has now made it even more difficult to access their Facebook accounts.

If this happens, Google may have accidentally made it easier for Facebook to access Facebook’s user base.

Google may also be planning to implement another move in the coming weeks, in which it will remove Google+ login support from all Google apps that support the platform.

The announcement is also notable because Facebook is expected to soon release a new version of its Facebook Messenger client that will block Google accounts from working in the app.

The Facebook app is a messaging app that uses Facebook’s Graph API to make it easy for users to make and receive instant and private messages.

It also offers users the ability the ability view and manage their social profiles, and to share messages, images, and videos with their friends.

Google is already the biggest social networking app on Google, and Google has recently taken a hard stance against social networking apps.

In March, the company announced that Facebook was not welcome in Google+ due to privacy concerns, and this announcement is likely in response to the Facebook announcement.

The recent Google+ shutdown is likely an attempt to make Facebook appear even more useless and unprofessional.

Google’s announcement is the latest example of how Google is trying to make the Google Plus social network look more incompetent and incompetent than Facebook.

The Google+ social network was originally created by Mark Zuckerberg and Alex Stamos.

In January, Facebook introduced an API that allows users to create and manage social accounts on their own.

The API allows for users from around the world to connect to each other, create and share their profiles, find friends, and even buy and sell things.

Google plans to roll out the same API to all of its social network apps in the near future.

Google will also add a feature that will let users upload images, videos, and other content to their Google+ profiles.

The news comes as Google has been pushing to make Google+ look more like Facebook.

Earlier this month, Google added a new feature called “Friends” that will make it easier to find friends in your Google+, News Feed, and in any Google search results.

The new feature is intended to make finding new friends easier.

Google also announced that all of the Google + features will be removed from its website, making it harder for users who are already using Google+ to access its services.

The decision to remove Google+, Facebook, and YouTube features is likely a response to a growing number of people complaining that the services are unprofessional, not helpful, and not helpful enough.

Google should consider implementing the same kind of policies it is already using to block third- Party services.

Google can easily block third