Microsoft has announced that it is releasing an update to Windows 8 that will remove the option to automatically disable the Privacy Protection feature on the system.

The Windows 8 upgrade is a Windows 8.1-only release and will be available for free until March 15.

In addition, Microsoft is also releasing a separate update to its Security Center that will make the feature enabled for all users, even those with a password.

In a blog post announcing the update, Microsoft said: Privacy is important to us.

We’re committed to protecting your privacy, and we’re committed not to automatically disabling or deleting the Privacy protection feature from the Start menu.

As part of our commitment to protecting privacy, we’re releasing a Windows upgrade that removes the Privacy option from the system and removes the option for the Start Menu to automatically delete or disable it. 

Microsoft has also added a new privacy warning to the system, saying that the Privacy feature is disabled by default on Windows 8 and Windows 8 Enterprise. 

“By default, Windows 8 is configured to automatically block Privacy features.

When Privacy is enabled, this automatically blocks the ability to hide or hide any personal information, such as your IP address, the type of device you’re using, or the name of the application or service,” the company wrote.

“This is not a security feature, but is designed to help protect against unwanted activity from third-parties.

If you’d like to disable Privacy, you’ll need to manually disable Privacy from the Settings app.”

Microsoft has been criticized for its privacy policies in recent years, particularly after it released its first-ever Windows 10 update back in February. 

The Windows 8 system upgrade, however, has been a controversial one, with many users complaining about the privacy-limiting features.

In the past, Microsoft has also made changes to the settings that can be used to disable or delete certain privacy settings. 

Windows 8 is still available for download, but Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise users will have to wait until March 21 for the full upgrade.