When I started reading Reddit, the sidebar was the main place I came to read, but it wasn’t always the most useful.

As I expanded my browsing history to include a lot more subreddits, the main sidebar got less useful.

Now, though, it’s the best place to discover new subreddits.

Here’s how to find all the latest content in the subreddit sidebar.1.

The sidebar can’t be hidden or hidden on other tabs.

If you’re on Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, the Chrome app will hide the sidebar if it’s not already hidden.

If it’s on another browser, open up the Chrome tab, go to the Extensions tab, and check the box to “Allow extensions to hide this content in extensions”.

If it isn’t already hiding, open the extension again.2.

If the sidebar is hidden, there’s no easy way to close it.

You can open the sidebar with the Chrome extension or right-click on the link to the sidebar, then click “Close sidebar”.3.

There are many ways to hide a sidebar.

Open up the chrome browser, go back to the main tab, or right click on the “More” button at the bottom of the sidebar and choose “Hide sidebar”.4.

The page will be greyed out until you click “Open”.5.

You’ll now be able to go back in the page and navigate to your sidebar.6.

To close the sidebar: right click (or Ctrl + click) on the top of the “Close” button.7.

The “Close All” button will appear in the top right corner of the page.8.

To reopen the sidebar after the sidebar has been closed, open Chrome and go to “Tools” > “Tools menu”.9.

Go to the “Content” menu, then “Shared tabs”.

Select “Sharing tabs”.10.

Click “OK”.11.

If all else fails, check to make sure the sidebar can be opened again by going to “Open tab”, then “More”.