Google has developed a new tool that allows you to delete customer support email account passwords.

According to the company, this tool is only available for users who have logged into Gmail accounts for more than three months, and only if you’ve forgotten the password to the account.

Gmail customers who want to get rid of customer support account passwords are advised to follow the steps in the following post: To remove your Gmail customer service password recovery, open up your Gmail account and click the “Delete” button.

You will see a screen similar to this: “Gmail customer service account password recovery is available for you to manage and delete this account password.”

After you click the Delete button, you will see the message “Gmail is only capable of managing and deleting password recovery.

To delete your account password, follow these steps.


Delete your Gmail email account password from your account settings: 1.

Go to your Gmail user account settings and click on the “Manage Account Settings” button, and then click on “Accounts” at the bottom. 


In the Account Settings section, click on Account and Password and then select your Gmail password.


In “Delete Account Password”, follow the instructions in the “GMAIL” section below.4.

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