In the UK, users pay £40 a year for a limited service, including email support, free voicemail and access to the UK’s top-rated app.

There are also special subscriptions for people who pay extra for extra perks such as free voice calls.

But that’s not the case in the US, where Gmail’s service is free and it is often criticised for being overly restrictive and intrusive.

Google said it is changing its service and that it is rolling out a “secure” feature that will let users switch to a different account if they choose. 

“Gmail is designed for people to manage their personal information and we’ve made significant changes to make sure our users can control who can use their personal data and who can’t,” said Google in a blog post.

“We’re making significant changes this year to make it easier for people with limited email accounts to manage those accounts.

Gmail is designed to help users keep their personal and financial information safe.

We’re rolling out secure email for people that have limited accounts, and we’re also changing the way we process personal data in the new Gmail.”

Gmail was one of the top-grossing email services in the UK in 2014, but it has since seen a dip in revenue and has been criticised for its strict controls.

Google says it is now rolling out this new feature and is “committed to making Gmail better for everyone”. 

“It’s not just for Gmail’s users, Gmail is also great for everyone else’s privacy and security,” the company wrote.

“For example, we are working to make Gmail even safer for anyone who has Gmail account, even if they don’t use Gmail.

This includes people who use email as a primary way of communicating or who use Gmail to manage other services.”

If you have a Gmail account that has been compromised, we encourage you to change it.

The new Gmail will help you quickly find and contact us if you’ve lost your password, and you’ll be notified when your password is reset.

“Also, if you have any questions about the new version of Gmail, please email support.

We’ll be happy to help. 

Gmail also recently added a new way to manage your contacts: “Keep in touch”.

It is not clear what the change will mean for users who already have an email address or are using a different email provider.

Google also notes that people using email for business may want to consider switching over to a more secure option.”

You can always opt out of using Gmail if you want to, but if you do this, you will still need to manage all of your accounts with Gmail,” the blog post reads.”

It may help to use an email provider that offers more advanced features such as encryption, so that your data is secure.

“The new Gmail for Business app will let you switch to an account that’s even more secure.

You’ll also get to see all of the email addresses and contact details you’ve previously had, which will be much easier to manage for your business customers.”

Google has previously launched a Gmail for Education app and launched a new app for businesses.