Google’s Gmail service is not a perfect service, but it is quite robust.

And in the case of Gmail, Google says it is improving it.

The company says that in the next few months it will improve the service so that it is less prone to issues and bugs.

In a blog post, Google describes some of the improvements in Gmail, which includes the following: • The Gmail address book will no longer contain duplicates.

• You can no longer add a single email address to the address book.

• When you sign up for Gmail, you will be prompted to enter a username, a password, and a confirmation code when you add an email address.

• Google will add a confirmation dialog when you sign out of Gmail.

• Gmail will not automatically close when you close the browser.

• The new “send” button in the address bar will no long show up if you close it.

• If you have an active Gmail account, you can view your email history and manage the inbox.

• Some of the features on Gmail are now available in Chrome.

Google’s new Gmail features are in preview and there are many more to come.

For example, Google plans to roll out Gmail integration with third-party applications like Gmail, Calendar, and Maps, among other things.

Google also said it will roll out a Google Drive app for Android and iOS, which is a step in the right direction.