The Microsoft email app for Windows Phone 8 is getting a refresh with the latest version, G Suite.

The app is a big update with the addition of G Suite Pro, a new suite of services that give you more control over your email.

Microsoft is also adding a new Microsoft Account account, which is a new way to manage your Microsoft accounts. 

Here are some of the changes in the G Suite update: Microsoft Account – The Microsoft Account will be your new default account when you launch the app and will also appear in the top right corner of your inbox. 

Email app improvements – When you launch G Suite, a menu will appear at the top of the screen that will allow you to add a new account. 

G Suite will automatically send you an email whenever an update or new service is available. 

The new email account will sync with the Microsoft account, so if you have multiple accounts, the same account will get sent out when you sync your accounts.

Microsoft account support – When you are signed in with the same Microsoft account as your email account, the Microsoft Account app will allow for you to set up an account with the company. 

This allows you to manage and sign in with your Microsoft account from your Windows Phone phone. 

New email account – You can now set up a Microsoft account for your Microsoft email account and sync it with your email from your Microsoft Account. 

You will see a new confirmation dialog that will let you approve or deny your account settings. 

Google Search – Google search is being updated in G Suite for Windows phone.

It will now have a new button to launch Google Search. 

Microsoft account – The new Microsoft account allows you more controls over your Microsoft Accounts. 

It will allow multiple Microsoft accounts to be linked to the same Windows Phone device. 

There are also new options for setting up and setting up notifications. 

Settings for Microsoft account are not yet available in the app, but they will be available later in the release. 

More information on the G suite update is available on the Microsoft blog.