In addition to Google+, Google now also allows you to use email to send messages.

Google says it is adding the ability to send SMS text messages, email attachments, calendar messages, calendar reminders and even call-in numbers.

This means you can now send emails directly from Gmail and get an SMS confirmation right on your Google account.

But it also means you’ll need to set up your Google Voice number first, to use the email functionality.

Google is now adding an option to enable and manage voicemail, and the ability for you to create a separate voicemail account for each of your Google accounts.

And as of today, Google Voice now supports Google Apps for Business.

Here’s how to set it up:1.

Sign into your Google Account (Settings > Accounts)2.

Select “Add Voice” in the upper-right corner3.

Select the Voice app, and then click on “Add Account”4.

Enter your Google email address, phone number and the app name you want Google to create the account for5.

You’ll be asked to create and manage an account for the voicemail feature of your account.6.

Enter the code that you want to use for the Google Voice voicemail code to set the voicemails for your account7.

The app will start automatically adding voicements for your voicemail number.8.

You can now manage the voicermnts of all of your Gmail accounts (even your own Google account).