Last week, the FBI announced it had launched an investigation into whether an email account had been hacked by a group calling itself the Guardians of Peace.

The group, whose name is still being redacted, claimed to have obtained sensitive information, including sensitive financial data.

The group, which claims to have been created by former Army Sgt. James Foley, has made headlines before, most recently in 2015, when it released a video claiming to show the killing of Osama bin Laden, which the U.S. government said was a hoax.

The video has since been taken down by the group, but the Guardians claim to have a more recent video that claims to show Foley’s death in an air strike in Pakistan.

The organization has also posted videos that appear to show hostages being taken and the U toaster ovens burning.

On Wednesday, the Guardians said it was launching a new, “more aggressive campaign,” which it described as “a new campaign that is intended to make the FBI take action.”

“The Guardians of War will release a new video every three days that exposes the true nature of the Guardians,” the group said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Our campaign will continue to expose the Guardians’ deception and lies.”

Last month, the group issued a threat against the FBI, which it said was part of a plot to seize control of the U .

The FBI said in February that it was investigating the Guardians, who have been accused of being the “most active and active-duty intelligence gathering group in the world.”

The group has claimed to be “a loose coalition of patriotic and dedicated patriots, including former U.K. intelligence operatives and U.N. employees.”

In an email to The Huffington Post, the Justice Department said the Guardians were “not part of any organized terrorist organization and are acting independently of any known terror network.”

The Guardians said the FBI investigation was “a transparent attempt to stifle the truth.”

“These allegations are completely without merit and have no basis in fact,” the Guardians added.

“We believe in our right to free speech and freedom of expression and that the FBI has no legitimate reason to target our efforts.

We have been conducting an aggressive campaign of public relations and PR stunts to discredit and discredit the FBI and the United States government.

We do not believe that the investigation is motivated by any serious wrongdoing.”

The Guardian did not immediately respond to a request for comment.