6.0.1 This update includes the following bug fixes and improvements: Improved support for iOS 11 Improved support in Gmail Improved support with mobile phone numbers Improved support on the Settings page Improved search for mobile phone locations Improved support of Google Maps Improved support via Bluetooth Fixed an issue where notifications on a notification would not be sent on iPad and iPhone devices Improved support when adding a call to voicemail Improved search in Google Maps Fixed an intermittent issue where the app could crash when searching for contacts on iOS devices Improved the ability to add contacts from a contact list Added support for adding new contacts to the contact list on iOS Fixed an issues where the list could become filled when adding new contact to the list Added improved support for the Google Maps app Improved support under Settings for Google Maps, Google Now, and Google Contacts Improved support during certain times for Gmail, Gmail Toll Free, and Facebook Messenger Improved support while browsing the web on mobile devices Improved reliability and stability for the app Fixed an internal crash when opening Contacts, and other notifications on iPad devices Fixed an update that could crash the app when trying to launch Contacts or other contacts on iPad Fixed an error where certain actions in the Contacts app could not be performed in certain situations Fixed an external crash that could occur when adding contacts to a contact’s contact list Fixed an additional crash in the app for some users with a low memory level Fixed an instance where the Contents app would sometimes crash when adding users to contacts in the phone book Fixed an exception that could cause the Contented Contacts to appear in an unread list on some phones Fixed an occasional crash in some apps when deleting contacts Fixed an example of an issue that caused some Contacts features to be unavailable to some users Fixed an ongoing issue that could result in the notification of a contact being sent incorrectly in some cases Fixed an infinite loop that could happen when adding to a list on iPad after deleting it from Contacts Fixed an unresponsive navigation bar in the Google Search app when scrolling through lists of contacts Fixed issues where a message could appear when attempting to send a message to a friend who has blocked the sender on a contact Fixed an image in the contacts app that did not properly close on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus devices Fixed a crash that occurred when trying in some instances to add a contact to a contacts list on a phone without a contact information Fixed an app that could appear to not recognize a contact when it was not present on a call Fixed an “Error: Can’t send message” error message when sending a message that contains an error message or no information Fixed a bug where an empty contact list could cause an infinite list of contacts to appear on iPad when trying with a limited number of contacts when adding contact information to contacts that already existed in the list Fixed a small bug in the Settings app where some of the app’s suggestions would sometimes display incorrectly Fixed an unexpected behavior where certain Google Search and Gmail suggestions would be not displayed when using Contacts for offline searching, such as in an email sent from an iPhone 6S or 6 Plus device Fixed an incorrect display on the Contours app where the map widget would appear on some devices with iOS 11 Fixed an invisible navigation bar on some iOS devices when opening the Contour app Fixed a memory leak that could lead to a crash on some iPad devices when searching on the Web using Contours Fixed an animation that could sometimes appear in the Photos app when using the camera while using a device with an iPad Pro display Fixed an iPad bug that could prevent certain users from opening the contacts list when they have already opened contacts, even if they have added new contacts via the Containers app Fixed the “Unable to send message for some contacts” error messages to show up when adding additional contacts to contacts lists Fixed an audio issue that appeared on certain iPad devices that could play audio in the background, such that the app was unable to send text messages and notifications to a certain contacts that were on a list Fixed various performance issues with the Contained Contacts on iPad app, including the app loading incorrectly, the app not opening on some iPads, and the app occasionally crashing when using certain actions on the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and iPad Pro.

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