Email is not the only way to get around the costs of a high-priced phone.

Google’s mail service is also available to customers who are already paying their bills.

The company announced a new service today called Gmail, which offers a way for you to save money by sending your emails as attachments.

Gmail’s service is called Gmail for Business and it will be available on Apple devices, Google’s own Android and Chrome mobile operating systems, and in the Chrome browser.

Gmail for business will cost $9.99 per month for the first year, then $19.99 for the next year.

This will be a new feature in the service, which Google hopes will help people cut their bills and save money.

Here’s how you can get started.

Sign up for an account at If you’re a consumer, you’re probably already using Google.

In the Google Home app, you’ll see the “Settings” section.

In here, you can choose to sign up for Gmail, or you can simply click on “Sign up for a new Gmail account.”

The first thing you’ll notice is that there’s a “Sign in” button on the right.

Clicking that button will show you a “Login” page.

The first step is to sign in with your Gmail account.

The password you enter here is important.

If you forget the password, it will never be stored in your Gmail.

You can change your password when you sign in to your Gmail accounts, but you can also change it from the Google account itself, which will only show the last three letters of your password.

Once you’re signed in, you should see a “Start sending emails” page on your Gmail inbox.

Click the “Send” button.

At this point, Gmail is asking for your name, email address, and phone number.

If the number you provide is correct, you will receive an email.

You will receive a message that says “Please send me the email address for this account.”

When you click on the “Email” link, the Gmail message will appear.

The email you’re receiving should contain a confirmation code.

You’ll see an email from Gmail with a link that says: “Please confirm the confirmation code with your phone number.”

The confirmation code will be something like this: 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