Google has announced a new password recovery tool for its Gmail account.

Users of the popular Gmail app have been asking Google for a way to get their passwords back for years.

The problem, though, is that it’s very difficult to recover passwords after you’ve deleted them.

Google has created a new tool that allows users to recover their passwords, but they need to first set up a new Gmail account that has a password manager.

Once they do that, they can access their old Gmail accounts and restore them to the new password manager using the new recovery tool.

The new Google password recovery feature is available for Gmail users in the UK, Germany, Austria, Poland, and Belgium.

The service is only available to users in those countries.

The feature will also allow users to retrieve their old passwords, as well as recover deleted ones.

The new feature will be available in Google accounts in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Google said in a blog post that the new tool will work by syncing with Google’s cloud backup system, which allows it to restore lost passwords.

It will also let users recover password hashes for existing Gmail accounts that have been deleted.

Users can sign up for a free trial and use the new feature until October 31.

Google is also planning to offer the new Gmail password recovery service for users in Europe.

The company also plans to launch a free version of the service in the coming months.