The Federal Trade Commission announced Wednesday that it’s launching a program to identify phishing emails sent by Gmail customers.

The FTC’s new phishing program will identify the sender of phishing email attachments, including attachments with the name Gmail.

The program will be administered by a “cybersecurity expert” and include a phone number that consumers can call to report a phishing or malware email.

The FCC is also asking consumers to send an email to a Gmail address they use on a daily basis.

The Federal Trade Office (FTC) has already begun phishing the email address of many people, including celebrities, in the past.

But it is now seeking to identify email addresses associated with specific phishing schemes.

The FTC has previously launched phishing campaigns on behalf of a rival email provider.

The company in question is called SendGrid, and it offers email services for businesses.

In its announcement, the FTC also said it has received over 1,000 complaints about phishing attacks.