The internet can be a dangerous place, but it can also be a good place to check if you have an internet issue.

What is an internet outage?

If your internet service provider (ISP) doesn’t work or your internet connection is slow, then your internet might be down.

The internet is a powerful tool for our lives and it can be used to communicate, share information and even organise.

What does an internet failure mean?

If you don’t get an answer from your ISP or your connection doesn’t load then there might be an internet service issue.

You might be able to get a message to your mobile phone or online service provider, but this might not be enough to fix your problem.

Your ISP can send you a text message, a phone call or email to check that you’re OK.

If the internet is slow or not working, then you might be getting a ‘slow internet’ error message.

The best way to check is to check your internet speed or your speed on other services.

A quick test can tell you whether you have a slow internet connection or not.

How do I find out if my internet service is down?

Find out what your internet provider is saying about your internet problems using the ‘Find out if I have an issue’ feature on your internet account settings.

What should I do if I can’t get online?

If there’s a problem with your internet, your internet company might send you an email or a text.

This might help to confirm your situation and help you get online faster.

If you can’t access the internet, you might want to try to reconnect to a computer that has a secure connection.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, you can contact your ISP for help.

If your ISP is not happy with your service, it might be time to switch service providers.

You can do this online.

What if I’m having a problem that affects all my devices?

Some of the most common problems affecting your internet are: a computer problem