The latest from The Jerusalem Times: Israeli police said they have arrested an Israeli man who allegedly sent more than 2,000 spam emails to Gmail customers in the country.

Police said the suspect, whose name was not released, was arrested at his home in the northern town of Kiryat Arba and is in custody.

According to police, the spam messages allegedly targeted Israeli-Israeli citizens living in Israel and the West Bank.

The email addresses included names, addresses and phone numbers of people living in Israeli settlements in the West Jordan Valley.

The messages also included a link to a Facebook page with the same address.

Police say the suspect sent more information to the fake Gmail account than to the real Gmail account.

The emails were sent on June 20, the day the country was suspended from the International Telecommunication Union, or ITU.

Israeli officials say the ITU is a global organization that is part of the International Telecommunications Union.

Police also arrested a man in the central Israeli city of Ramallah on June 23.

Police arrested him after receiving a tip that he was sending the spam emails, police said.

Authorities in Israel say the spam accounts were linked to a number of Israeli citizens living abroad.

The spam messages included personal information, addresses, phone numbers and social media accounts.

Police have not identified any of the individuals.

The ITU suspended Israel in January 2017 after the Israeli parliament approved the annexation of the West Jerusalem area to Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called the IT Uprising a “terrorist” plot and vowed to prevent any further cyberattacks.