Microsoft has launched a new feature for the Xbox One, allowing users to add an email address as a “gmail login” option.

The feature lets users log into their Xbox One with the new “gseo” email address.

This will give them access to Xbox One games, applications, and services, though there are some caveats.

The first is that “ggeo” doesn’t actually have any connection to Xbox Live, so Microsoft is limiting access to the feature to Xbox Ones that are connected to the Xbox Network.

The second limitation is that you have to enter your gmail address into the account creation process.

Once you have the email address, it will appear as a password that you can type in and it will take you to the “gms” email service, where you can then sign up.

This email address is also not tied to any Xbox account.

If you’re using an Xbox One that isn’t connected to a Microsoft account, you’ll have to go to the Microsoft Store and search for the “Microsoft Gseo Account” option to create a new one.

This is a beta feature, so it is not yet fully functional and should only work for the beta of the Xbox one.

Xbox One owners should continue to test out the feature with Microsoft’s official guide.

The Xbox One will also be launching on April 17 for Windows 10 users.