Israeli settlers have been harassing residents of several Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem in recent months, and some residents have called for an investigation into the matter, local media reported.

The settler violence began on December 2, when at least four Arab homes in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Qalandia were targeted by Israeli settlers.

The settlers then began hurling stones at residents, according to a statement from the Jerusalem Civil Administration.

One of the residents, Qassam Abdel Nasser, told Al Jazeera that the settler attacks on the neighborhood began around 2 a.m. on December 3.

At least one of the homes was targeted by settlers, who were reportedly wearing helmets, and another was damaged, Nasser said.

The assailants, who claimed to be members of the extremist group Ir Amim, were arrested on December 9, according the Jerusalem Post.

Abdel Nassin said he was able to recover a car belonging to the settlers and they had the car towed away.

He added that residents had been receiving threats on social media.

Nasser also said that he received phone calls from the Israeli occupation’s police and the army saying that they were going to take away the cars of anyone who was not in compliance with their orders.

The Jerusalem Civil Authority said that the settlers were also threatening residents with arrests.

“In this way, settlers are terrorising our community,” Nasser told Al-Jazeera.

“They want to destroy the lives of Palestinians.

We want to defend our people and our community.”