It is no secret that the iPhone 6 is a popular choice for those looking to ditch the smartphone and instead stick with their laptops.

The iPhone 6’s slim, curved body has been lauded by some as one of the best phones around, and its improved screen makes it even more attractive.

However, there are also some complaints that people are having trouble with it.

There are also a number of issues with the new iPhone 6, and they include a bug that allows a user to accidentally unlock the device and prevent it from performing any functions.

While many people have reported problems with the phone’s Touch ID sensor, the latest versions of iOS also have a new fingerprint sensor that is more sensitive than previous versions.

However the iPhone’s newer iOS 8.0 update introduced the Touch ID system, which makes it harder for people to use the fingerprint sensor as it does not recognise the fingerprint of the user.

Apple has also introduced a new version of the FaceTime camera, which is not as capable as previous versions, but is better than the older ones.

The problem with the fingerprint scanner is that it does the job of unlocking the iPhone, but it does so at a very low rate.

The Touch ID is only able to unlock the phone at a rate of 3.7 per cent, while the Face ID unlocks the phone by about 5 per cent.

This means that the user has to use an extremely high percentage of their fingers to unlock an iPhone.

The latest iPhone 6 models are now out, so we have a lot more time to get to know the new features and fix any issues we find.

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