A former St. Louis Rams player, who played for them from 1999 to 2003, shared his story of being fired from his job.

His name is Michael L. Brown and he was fired from a St. Charles company that employed him as a sales manager.

Brown’s story has become a viral story on social media and his former employer says he is no longer employed there.

The Rams have been struggling financially and in recent weeks the team has been in talks with former Rams owner Stan Kroenke to buy the team.

The Rams are not in bankruptcy.

A spokeswoman for the company said Brown’s firing was due to poor performance, but the Rams declined to comment.

Brown said he was told by a company sales rep that he was no longer allowed to perform his job duties because of poor performance.

Brown had a great time with the Rams, he said.

They hired him and he really loved being in St. St. L. I loved working there and I really appreciated everything that I got to do there.

But then I went to a new company and it didn’t feel like I was getting the job done.

Brown said he didn’t tell anyone about his situation until after his dismissal.

Brown, a graduate of University of California at Santa Barbara, played in the NFL for five years.

He played four seasons for the Minnesota Vikings, and one with the Chicago Bears.

The NFL’s investigation into whether the Rams mishandled the sale of the team began in March and was led by former FBI director Robert Mueller.

The investigation focused on whether the team violated a rule that prevents a franchise owner from selling the team for more than $500 million.