A young woman who was saved by the power of her faith has written a book that shows God’s grace for her and others who have overcome their faith challenges.

The 18-year-old girl, who asked to remain anonymous, has shared her story on a Facebook page called God’s Grace, which is set up to share stories of people’s lives that have come to light through their faith.

The young woman said she prayed for a year to save her life.

“God gave me the grace to walk out of that room, out of fear and into faith,” she said.

“It felt like I was standing on a precipice, and God was going to make me walk the other way.”

The girl said she had faith in God and hoped God would send her to her rescue in time.

“The day after I walked out of the room, I saw my mom and dad crying,” she wrote.

“I could see tears rolling down their faces.

I knew God had seen that I had faith and was willing to help me.”

The book is a collection of stories that are shared between friends and family members, including the girl’s parents.

It was inspired by the story of a 17-year old girl, Tessa, who was killed by a jealous husband.

The story has inspired a lot of conversation on the website.

“This is something that is something I have had to deal with for years,” the young woman told ABC News.

“But I feel like I finally got my story out there.”‘

The grace’ that saved the womanThe girl’s story is similar to that of a 14-year in-law who was also saved by her faith.

Her family said they met the girl in their church and were “in awe” at her story.

“There was no question about the grace that God had given her to walk away from the room with her parents,” her mother, Tricia Smith, told ABC.

“We were shocked that someone could walk out and be so brave as to take their life in a moment of weakness.”

“God is so generous with his grace.

It’s so generous that God gave us the grace we needed to walk that door.”

She said her family was “very excited” about the book, but were still waiting for it to be published.

“They’re waiting for the book to be out and it’s a little bit of a journey, but we’re just so glad to be able to share this with them,” she told ABC TV.

The woman’s parents, who are also from Australia, have been trying to raise money for the family to publish the book for about a year.

They say the book is about God and the love he gives.

“That love has given us so much, and the grace has given them so much,” her father, Mark, told News Corp Australia.

“To see it reach its full potential is amazing.”‘

A life lived out of faith’The book, titled God’s Faith, is an account of the young girl’s faith, and how she overcame her faith to save herself.

The book has also been shared on Facebook, and has attracted more than 30,000 likes.

“For the love of God, this is something you should read and share,” one user wrote.

The girl has also received the support of the Australian Christian Lobby.

“You are a remarkable person and this is a life lived in faith,” it said in a statement.

“Our prayers are with you as you embark on this journey.”