5:30 GMT Google has blocked access to Google+ and Google+ Hangouts on the UK mainland, following the Government’s decision to ban the apps from services that include the social networking app.

The move comes after a warning by the company, which has also blocked access for users on the US mainland, France, Belgium and Portugal.

UK-based Google said that users who use these services on the mainland will not be able to connect to services.

However, it said it would be possible to use Google+ on the continent.

“We’ve heard from some users who are experiencing problems connecting to services, so we’ll continue to monitor the situation,” said the company in a blog post.

“However, we’ll be working with our partners to find solutions for the affected customers, including the UK Government.

If you’re not able to access Google+ or Hangouts, please contact GoogleCare for assistance.”

Google+ users in the UK are encouraged to use an alternate means of communication, such as a social media app or WhatsApp.

Google has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Hangouts was also blocked on the European mainland after Google blocked access in November.

It has been blocked on other continents since March this year, but Google has recently added a new feature to the app to allow it to be used on the American mainland.

Google+ accounts have also been blocked in Spain, Brazil, Canada, Germany and Austria.

Google said the UK move was part of a wider crackdown on the social network, which the company said was “in response to our concerns about a growing number of criminal activity using the service”.

Google has previously said that it had blocked access on its mainland to the apps in December and that it would block access again this month.