Gmail has been accused of not being transparent about employee misconduct, a complaint filed Monday in U.S. District Court.

The complaint accuses the email service of failing to report allegations of employee misconduct in an “open and transparent manner.”

In the complaint, the advocacy group Democracy 21 says it’s received reports of at least two incidents in which employees had the temerity to complain about their jobs and pay.

The group alleges that between March 15, 2015 and March 18, 2016, a gmails employee allegedly had sex with another employee, who was working at a gms office in New York City.

Dawn Walker, a co-founder of Democracy 21, says in the complaint that the woman in question was an employee who worked for the firm from 2014 to 2016 and is now employed by Gmail.

Walker says in her complaint that she was working on an email for a client and the email came up on her computer screen.

“I noticed the email on my screen, and I started to think about what the heck this was,” she said.

“I was like, ‘what does this mean?'”

She says she was also concerned that the email could be sent to her employer, which was also an employee.

Walker says that’s when she got in touch with a gsm email address.

She says the employee asked if she could set up a call with a Gms representative.

Gms representative said Walker could call the employee, but Walker says she declined and called the person she spoke to.

In an email, a Gmails spokesperson said the company had “been in contact with the complainant” and would “work with her to ensure that her complaint is addressed appropriately.”

The spokesperson did not say whether the company was investigating the complaints.

But the complaint alleges that the complaint did not include a specific complaint, and it also says that Gms did not make any representations to the complainant about the nature of the alleged conduct.

It alleges that Gmail did not follow up on the complainant’s request for an explanation.

When Walker first learned of the allegations, she called a number listed on the complaint and asked if there were any other employees in the firm who had complaints.

The number she dialed turned out to be a voicemail for another employee.

“This is unacceptable.

This is unacceptable,” Walker said.

The complaint also alleges that when the employee called back, the company did not respond.

“[The employee] said that she did not know the number,” Walker told CBC News.

What does it take to file a complaint?

In the U.K., it can take several weeks for a complaint to be investigated and potentially taken into disciplinary proceedings.

In Canada, complaints can take up to six months to be resolved.

In the United States, complaints have to be filed within seven days, with the filing fee paid by the complainant.

In Canada, complaint procedures can take days, and can take more than a year for the matter to be decided.

In the U:States, the complainant has to pay for the filing fees.

In New York, a complainant can only file a charge of misconduct if there’s evidence of “a serious allegation of conduct which involves sexual harassment, sexual assault or a sexual harassment or assault.”

The complaint against Gms was filed in federal court in New Jersey.