Hillary Clinton’s campaign has a new address that it plans to announce on Tuesday, and it’s a major departure from the one she used for her previous communications.

The address, a personal one for Clinton, will be for the campaign’s first official public appearance in nearly a year, a spokesperson said.

It will also be a first for Clinton in public.

Clinton’s first public appearance was in May, when she gave a speech to supporters.

The new address will be more of a private message, according to the spokesperson, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

The new address is the result of several weeks of internal discussions, according the spokesperson.

In July, Clinton’s personal email address was used for emails to the State Department, as well as for other communications with the public.

She was the first presidential candidate to use a personal email account for official business, and in July 2016, the Federal Bureau of Investigation recommended that she delete her emails from the public record.

Clinton’s new address has two different options for use: One is for her personal email, which she has said she does not use regularly, and the other is for a non-government address that she has used for other official business.

The former address was initially set to be used for the private message on July 31, the day she officially announced her candidacy for president.

She has since used the former address for all of her official communications, including the presidential debates and the campaign trail.

She also has used a private address to communicate with supporters, the spokesperson said, citing internal conversations.

Clinton will have a “private” address that will be used exclusively for official purposes and not for public appearances.

The spokesperson declined to say what Clinton’s current official email address will look like.

The first name on the new address, Clinton, is the first name of the campaign, and will be spelled “clinton,” the spokesperson confirmed.

The email address, however, will not be used by Clinton’s staff, and a spokesperson for the former secretary of state declined to confirm that she is using it as her primary email address.

“I do not use this email address as a primary email account,” the spokesman said.

“I have used this email account in other roles, including for speeches, for speeches and events, and for events.”

A campaign spokesperson also declined to comment on the fact that the address will use an old domain name, which will likely lead to confusion for some.

Clinton has used domain names for personal use since before her presidential campaign, but the domain name that the new account will use was registered in January 2017.

The spokesman said Clinton will likely use the new domain name as the campaign uses a variety of other addresses, including her personal and non-campaign accounts.

The spokeswoman said the new campaign account will be managed by the Clinton Foundation, and that it is in the process of determining what specific functions it will have.

The spokesperson did not specify when the new email account will go live.