Google has a new service to help customers who need mobile support.

The service is called ‘Gmail Mobile’.

The app allows customers to request support on mobile and offers quick and easy answers for all mobile queries. 

In addition to asking for support on desktop and mobile, the app also has a ‘Gift Card’ feature. 

The gift card is used to pay for premium mobile phone plans.

The ‘GMS’ gift card has an activation fee of £1, which is then applied to the account and then the account gets £2 a month for 2 years.

The account can then use the gift card to buy premium mobile phones.

Gmail offers support for a range of mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.

Gmail is available to users in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Brazil, Turkey, South Korea, South Australia, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Argentina, Italy, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, the UK and India.

The app has also been available to iPhone and Android users in some countries.

The new service is priced at £2.99 a month, which means it’s not available in every country.

There’s also an option to upgrade to the paid ‘Gmails for Business’ service, which costs £1.99.

This offers support on an unlimited number of mobile phones and can be used on both desktop and smartphone.