If you have been having trouble recovering your email password for your Gmail account, then you might be wondering if it’s worth it to go through the effort of changing your password on the new account.

But before you get all worked up about that, remember that if you have used an existing Gmail account for years, you will have had the ability to reset your password, just like any other user on your account.

You just need to remember to change your password after you sign in to your new account, so it’s a little easier to get your hands on a new account once you have a new one.

Here are the steps to resetting your password for a new Gmail account:Step 1.

Sign into your new Gmail AccountStep 2.

Click on the “Settings” buttonStep 3.

Click “Delete password” and enter the password you want to reset.

Step 4.

Select the “Reform” optionStep 5.

Click the “OK” buttonWhen you’re done, click the “Close” button.

This will delete the old password that you entered.

You can still use your old password for any Gmail account.

If you need help recovering your password and need a copy of your password reset form, contact us at customer [email protected] or mail us at Gmail Customer Support at 866-Gmail-Ctl-G, 645 South State Street, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92101, USA.

If you need more help recovering the password for an existing account, we recommend contacting an experienced password recovery expert.