Posted November 25, 2018 10:56:27Google is making Hangouts even more useful by adding support for Gmail, Google Plus and Google Drive in its Android app.

Google+ is a popular social network, and now the company has added support for Hangouts, as well.

The feature will appear in Google+ app for Android devices in the coming weeks, according to Google, and will allow users to add new groups and groups of people in Hangouts.

Google also says Hangouts can be used to create and manage groups of contacts in the Google+ apps.

Google+ is the most popular mobile messaging service for Google’s search-powered services, such as Google Docs, Google Groups, Google Drive, Google Voice, and Hangouts and Google Groups.

Google’s Hangouts service is powered by the Google Assistant, which will be available in the upcoming version of Hangouts app.

Google is already making Google+ a part of its Android OS, so the company is not adding a new feature to the platform in order to add to Hangout’s popularity.

Google is now bringing Hangouts to Android as an official app, and users will be able to make the app even more popular by adding Hangouts groups and contacts in it.